02nd Feb2012

New Marc Chantal Handbags

by SWTrading

New Arrival Handbags!

We’ve just got in a new shipment of Marc Chantal genuine leather handbags! MC handbags have always been a quality leading handbag designer/supplier with very stylish yet very functional pieces. Marc Chantal handbags are quite possibly “all year long” type of products, which means they’ll continue to sell throughout the year regardless of the seasons, styles and fads.

MC Handbags are beautifully detailed with decorations inside and out with lots of storage you’ll find very useful! From messenger bags to tote bags, these gorgeous bags are genuine leather in various colors, styles and animal print patterns. Head over to our New Arrivals or Marc Chantal page to see more and you’ll love making MC Handbags a new addition to your store (if you haven’t already done so)!

Don’t forget It’s not to late to stock up and save 5-7% off of your order until Feb. 15th! – EXPIRED

Matching Marc Chantal Wallets!

Marc Chantal handbag new arrivals also come in separate matching wallets with tons of slots and pockets for storing your cards and moo-la!



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